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What a success!

A nice orange…

Yesterday again, I baked a cake as goodbye gift to my parents. I told my father that I like pumpkins now, especially this pumpkin cake I had at Thanksgiving – and of course he wants to eat it as well. So there I was, preparing a pumpkin cake with canned pumpkins that were sour and sweet full of anxiety that it would turn out really bad. I also messed up with the pie crust – it was way too thin and so after a few minutes, it was brown already, and at that point, the filling wasn’t even inside yet! Aaaah! Considering how I was also able to smell the pumpkin’s acidity the whole time, I am more than surprised to see that the cake turned out well in nearly every aspect!

Look, what a cute looking piece!

Besides the pumpkins themselves (I wish I had real pumpkins or normal pumpkin puree available), I have not added spices – no cinnamon at hand and I completely forgot about the gloves – and the proportions in the filling are slightly different from what they are supposed to be. I had less cream inside than needed, but there was more water from the pumpkins, so I put in more flour than the recipe has proposed. Finally, I have made the cake extremely sugary to cover up the sour taste of the cake. In a nutshell, it was all very dangerous. But! The filling seems to have taken it rather well, especially since I let it bake in the oven much longer than described (more than an hour instead of 45 minutes)…

This really is a great recipe, pumpkins and hazelnuts also are a fabulous combination. I’m definitely going to do this again with a modified pie crust!

A plethora of calories!

The macarons in the background were delicious too!

This is supposed to be a Sachertorte, even though the recipe clearly makes the cake end up completely different from the original. But who cares, I think that both versions are nice and since the real Sachertorte is immensely expensive, I guess I will stay with my own. I just wonder when I will bake it next time… it’s such a calories bomb after all.

Somehow nervousness made me make it less nice than it was last time, and also I messed up the filling a bit yet again, but at the end of the day, it was actually good, as always! Ahaha.

I am the queen of bad looking but delicious cakes!

PS. The title refers to my current studies of weird vocabulary (by the way, I actually have seen “plethora” before!). Maybe you will see me using more unusual words from now on. *hrr hrr*

Now I want to knit even more; and it’s way too much of course…

So here we are, a simple scarf. I have again learnt how to knit on the very last day of 2007 (who is going to remember what you learnt from 15 years ago?) and this is what came out of it:

This picture is taken a few days ago, now it’s about 5 times longer, but I’m too lazy to take another picture, horrible, aren’t I?

The next immediate thing I want to do is a cozy for my new Ipod nano. I see myself getting paranoid about it all the time, because I fear it might get scratches, so a small project like that will hopefully provide me with satisfactory feeling very fast <3 At the same time, I am planning on doing a complicated pattern for the back of the cozy to improve my mad skillz. Also, in order to do the round hole for the navigation, I will have to learn how to add and ‘delete’ rows.

A sketch of what I have in mind for it.

That’s not all obviously… just like a typical electrical engineer (they are famous for always wanting too much too perfectly within a too small time frame), this would also be very nice:
* A bag for notebook accessories. It’s really annoying to have the stuff loose in my messenger bag. Idea by Pochi.
* A pair of wristwarmers. Knitty surely is the best site for this evarrr. All in all, it was the site that stirred up my interest for knitting. These wristwarmers are supposed to introduce me into how to knit cables.
* A girlish purse like this. Ah, I wanted it for quite awhile now, they are so handy after all. The only problematic thing will be to get two of those wooden rings.
* And finally I somehow want a white, knit beret before I leave Paris again, haha. But I wonder if I really would want to use this pattern, even though it is rather interesting and unusual. To be honest, what I want the most is to have my old hat back that I lost in Montparnasse T_T
* Addendum: Another skill-enhancing project would be to knit some lacey gosurori-ish headdresses… or a belt with rather interesting, ridiculous other ways of use.

PS. On a side note, my mother just told me that she prefers crocheting over knitting because it’s faster to do. Also, it’s supposed to be really versatile. If that is true, I might look at it as well, somehow I want to learn it too. I will be researching crocheting and maybe that is going to be my next post…

Hello world!

Ah, first postings. I haven’t even decided what this blog is going to be about. The general idea is to have a blog about crafting.

However, very recently I have once again discovered how much I love to make things, be it clothes, furniture or electronics. And so I decided to blog about them, with the hope that lots of new projects are going to come. I wonder if I will blog about progresses, but maybe I will feel more motivated when I put on future plans and of course there are going to be pictures of the completed product, mainly taken with the iSight of my Macbook, because my nice camera is still out of my reach~.

This blog obviously still needs a sexy layout, and I hope a certain person will provide me with a stylish, minimalistic WordPress template <3