What a success!

A nice orange…

Yesterday again, I baked a cake as goodbye gift to my parents. I told my father that I like pumpkins now, especially this pumpkin cake I had at Thanksgiving – and of course he wants to eat it as well. So there I was, preparing a pumpkin cake with canned pumpkins that were sour and sweet full of anxiety that it would turn out really bad. I also messed up with the pie crust – it was way too thin and so after a few minutes, it was brown already, and at that point, the filling wasn’t even inside yet! Aaaah! Considering how I was also able to smell the pumpkin’s acidity the whole time, I am more than surprised to see that the cake turned out well in nearly every aspect!

Look, what a cute looking piece!

Besides the pumpkins themselves (I wish I had real pumpkins or normal pumpkin puree available), I have not added spices – no cinnamon at hand and I completely forgot about the gloves – and the proportions in the filling are slightly different from what they are supposed to be. I had less cream inside than needed, but there was more water from the pumpkins, so I put in more flour than the recipe has proposed. Finally, I have made the cake extremely sugary to cover up the sour taste of the cake. In a nutshell, it was all very dangerous. But! The filling seems to have taken it rather well, especially since I let it bake in the oven much longer than described (more than an hour instead of 45 minutes)…

This really is a great recipe, pumpkins and hazelnuts also are a fabulous combination. I’m definitely going to do this again with a modified pie crust!

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