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The unbelievable art of making pancakes, blinis, Eierkuchen, Pfannkuchen, Palatschinken and Crêpes

Today, I had this really weird urge of wanting to make pancakes until I ended up in a hellish loop of Youtube, Google and Wikipedia. The regional names and different kinds of recipes are a hellhole to research and this is more or less how far I have come now. (Translation: I am planning on developing this post further. Also, pictures to come.)

Pancakes (american):
– are made with baking powder and therefore pretty thick
– are rather small
– typically sweet

Blinis (russian):
– are apparently sometimes make out of buckwheat
– often filled with cream or sour cream

Eierkuchen/Pfannkuchen (german, supposedly similar to english pancakes):
– thicker than Crêpes but typically not yeasted

Pancakes with apples inside (somewhat polish):
– pancakes can also be filled with other ingredients
– exist in Eastern Germany too

Palatschinken (austrian):
– also in Hungary and the likes
– look like crêpes a lot, the english Wikipedia even wants to merge them with crêpes
– recipes supposedly different though, giving Palatschinken a different texture
– are typically rolled with apricot jam as filling

Kaiserschmarrn (austrian):
– listed here because I find them very similar to pancakes
– yeasted, then the “pancake” is cut into pieces
– very important: the raisins inside and served with vanilla sauce

Crêpes (french):
– extremely big and thin
– are typically folded (especially when you get them in a restaurant or in the streets)
– also wide-spread in Italy

Now the big question is: What kind of pancakes should I make today? Harr harr.