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And this is the storm…

This is the first torte of my life: A Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte! Hohoho.

Of course it had to be this one, especially since it’s been ages since I had it last time.  I made it for my mother’s birthday on 10th September, so it’s not surprising that I forgot the majority of what I might want to say about it. And there is a lot: I woke up at 7.30am to get the last part of the ingredients I needed. At 9.30am, I started working on the cake and I finished around 1pm. It was amazing: It was the first time I have ever dealt with whipped cream (the main ingredient of torte after all) and I have never constructed something as large as this.

And now: Count the number of cherries/pieces of cake 😀

The cake would be delicious no matter what I do, I was pretty sure about that. The most crucial part of the cake is to make it nice-looking, and oh my, it was pretty difficult to do. I have messed up with everything except for the whipped cream that concealed all my mistakes: The cherries were supposed to be more like a custard, I should have put in even more cherry brandy, the cake was not flat so I have cut away the top part of it. Finally, it actually ended up looking good and it was really tasty *_*

How proud I am! I specially bought metal pastry bags for it.

A little break before the storm…

It’s been two weeks since I made this cake, and I admit that I wasn’t really keen on blogging about it because it was nothing all too special. It’s exactly the same Sandkuchen as I made last time, only that there was cocoa powder in this one. Sandkuchen is outstandingly easy: 250g butter + 250g sugar + 250g flour (I actually used 125g flour and 125g starch) + 4 eggs + some baking powder. All mixed together and baked for an hour at 160°C, that’s it.

And this is the result.

Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to make a marble cake out of this batter, you can’t really get a nice pattern as marble cakes are supposed to have. However, I don’t like “real” marble cake as much. The batter you usually use for marble cake just isn’t as tasty as Sandkuchen which is my personal all-time-favourite for cakes of this type. Well, well, I suppose I will either give it another try or just have to decide whether I want to make a light or a dark Sandkuchen next time :3

I love “100 foods to eat” memes when I have eaten many of them *hrr*

Of course, this is about chinese food! *hohoho* There also is a great list on Just Hungry for japanese food, but honestly it gives me a headache. I barely ate anything on the list and here I’ll be totally ignorant: I don’t like names for food where the name doesn’t tell me anything about the food itself. It seems my japanese sucks too much to read this list as of now. Maki says she’ll post a list with kanji and description, that will surely help.

  1. Almond milk
  2. Ants Climbing a Tree
  3. Asian pear
  4. Baby bok choy
  5. Baijiu
  6. Beef brisket
  7. Beggar’s Chicken
  8. Bingtang hulu
  9. Bitter melon
  10. Bubble tea
  11. Buddha’s Delight
  12. Cantonese roast duck
  13. Century egg, or thousand-year egg
  14. Cha siu (I could kill for this)
  15. Char kway teow
  16. Chicken feet
  17. Chinese sausage
  18. Chow mein (Gah, all these cantonese names are irritating)
  19. Chrysanthemum tea (I love them so much)
  20. Claypot rice
  21. Congee
  22. Conpoy (dried scallops)
  23. Crab rangoon  (This is not chinese O.o)
  24. Dan Dan noodles
  25. Dragonfruit
  26. Dragon’s Beard candy
  27. Dried cuttlefish
  28. Drunken chicken
  29. Dry-fried green beans
  30. Egg drop soup
  31. Egg rolls
  32. Egg tart, Cantonese or Macanese (Another one I would absolutely kill for)
  33. Fresh bamboo shoots
  34. Fortune cookies (I hate them, but I like the little texts XD)
  35. Fried milk
  36. Fried rice (Huh what? This is nothing special, hm… But it’s so good! XD)
  37. Gai lan (Chinese broccoli)
  38. General Tso’s Chicken (Right. So this is another one of these american dishes that have now, by the way, also made it to China. And I was wondering to my parents why I have never eaten it.)
  39. Gobi Manchurian (What the heck is this?)
  40. Goji berries (Chinese wolfberries, I ate them in a dried form in congee, like on this picture. They are supposedly very good for your health.)
  41. Grass jelly
  42. Hainan chicken rice
  43. Hand-pulled noodles
  44. Har gau (steamed shrimp dumplings in translucent wrappers)
  45. Haw flake (They are such a classic! I grew up with them.)
  46. Hibiscus tea
  47. Hong Kong-style Milk Tea (Oh, right, that exists too.)
  48. Hot and sour soup
  49. Hot Coca-Cola with Ginger (This is interesting, and it sounds very chinese to me indeed. I’m serious.)
  50. Hot Pot
  51. Iron Goddess tea (Tieguanyin)
  52. Jellyfish
  53. Kosher Chinese food (This sounds so interesting! I need to read this article.)
  54. Kung Pao Chicken
  55. Lamb skewers (yangrou chua’r – I want this!)
  56. Lion’s Head meatballs (I could kill for these as well – and they are so difficult to make!)
  57. Lomo Saltad (So, what is this dish doing in this list again?
  58. Longan fruit
  59. Lychee
  60. Macaroni in soup with Spam (What is this?)
  61. Malatang
  62. Mantou, especially if fried and dipped in sweetened condensed milk
  63. Mapo Tofu
  64. Mock meat (My my, I really have never eaten such a thing)
  65. Mooncake (bonus points for the snow-skin variety – yay yay, a bonus point! Actually, I just ate it today!)
  66. Nor mai gai (chicken and sticky rice in lotus leaf, oh God I think I just fell in love with this dish)
  67. Pan-fried jiaozi
  68. Peking duck
  69. Pineapple bun
  70. Prawn crackers (well, to me they are krupuk because everyone here calls them so XD)
  71. Pu’er tea
  72. Rambutan
  73. Red bean in dessert form
  74. Red bayberry
  75. Red cooked pork
  76. Roast pigeon
  77. Rose tea
  78. Roujiamo
  79. Scallion pancake (I want this. Now! It’s been ages since I ate them *_*)
  80. Shaved ice dessert
  81. Sesame chicken
  82. Sichuan pepper in any dish
  83. Sichuan preserved vegetable (zhacai) (I love them, we had them yesterday and… arrr.)
  84. Silken tofu
  85. Soy milk, freshly made
  86. Steamed egg custard (Oh, oh!)
  87. Stinky tofu (The Serious Eats guy is like “I have had natto.” Natto and stinky tofu are as different as Sachertorte and apple pie. I am not exaggerating.)
  88. Sugar cane juice
  89. Sweet and sour pork, chicken, or shrimp
  90. Taro
  91. Tea eggs
  92. Tea-smoked duck
  93. Turnip cake (oh oh, these are great!)
  94. Twice-cooked pork
  95. Water chestnut cake (mati gau)
  96. Wonton noodle soup
  97. Wood ear
  98. Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings)
  99. Yuanyang (half coffee, half tea, Hong Kong style – This sounds so disgusting O.o But I guess this is what makes it so chinese? XD)
  100. Yunnan goat cheese

Oh my… I actually counted how many I did not eat and ended up with 27 – that’s not so bad considering how many american/south east asian/random dishes there were. The list itself is really, really interesting thing though and I agree with nearly all of them. However, I do think there are many more things you have to eat…