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Iceland afterthoughts

During an Iceland trip, you get flooded with colorful brochures telling you about things you can do in Iceland. Surely it is an interesting country, but I really have never seen a country doing so much advertisement for tourists. Ever seen a touristy advertisement for the Louvre? That’s what I thought too: Only second-rate attractions would advertise, but in Iceland, even nicer places are advertising and there are whole guides for Reykjavík and large give-away maps. They even go as far as including interesting cultural facts and one of them even had recipes! These crêpes are based on an icelandic pönnukökur recipe:

  • 130g flour
  • 500 ml milk (the original said 600 ml, I swooned)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • margarine and olive oil

How lucky, the one on the very top looks the best XD

Actually, I think this recipe makes the consistency surprisingly nice and it actually is really delicious! With this amount of batter, I was able to make 9 crêpes. While making them, I managed to eat 5 of them (oh my) and then I left the rest for my parents to eat later.
Now, if I only had a large spatula, I could have made more of them and made them thinner – and they would all look like on the picture below, heh.

I prefer my crêpes with marmalade.

After a long time of nothing…

…another dramatic cake! This Gâteau St-Honoré is actually my birthday cake, and I think I have read somewhere that this cake is traditionally served for birthdays. Strictly speaking, my birthday is tomorrow and it is already completely finished, but it doesn’t matter, yesterday was the perfect day to make it, and so it’s fine.

I really love the smooth surface of the cream.

I haven’t had as many reservations for this cake as for my last torte, and it was actually also much easier to do this one. I also ‘only’ spent two hours on this, which is pretty good in my opinion. However, I must admit that – yet again – I have made numerous mistakes and you might also see that I did not add caramel as you should according to the recipes. Ultimately, I was too afraid that the caramel would not turn out well ><

I have read that you are supposed to finish the cake on the same day and so I tried to make it as small as possible. I used half of the recipe for the cream and made many, many more profiteroles than you were supposed to in the recipe. I actually made them very small too – it’s too bad I haven’t thought of including a scale or something, but just know that the cake itself is about 21cm in diameter. My parents and I finished it in two portions!

Why the heck are there two different colors when it’s the same cream?

In the process of making, I didn’t really run into difficulties: I have bought puff pastry (of course, I don’t think it’s worth it to spend hours on it) and the pâte à choux was pretty easy and quick to make. However, I have messed up the gelatine a little bit, and the cream became a little lumpy. (Luckily you cannot see this while eating the cake, let alone on the pictures – yay!) I also am still very bad at dealing with whipped cream (why do they never look nice when I use a pastry bag? XD)Furthermore, the whole cake did not rise as much as I have hoped and I think that my consistency of the pâte à choux is not perfect yet. But, that’s fine, it was my first time after all!

All in all, the Gâteau St-Honoré is pretty delicious and actually a rather cheap cake even. But for me, it’s not a cake I would eat more often than once a year (heh, this is why it’s a birthday cake I guess), because it’s really, really heavy and I do not want to know how many calories this was XD