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It must have been ages since I have had a brownie

Of course these are no brownies, but in many ways, I find them similar. While talking to Matte about swedish sweets, he brought up kladdkaka. Since I have baked something yesterday that needs 4 weeks of rest before you can eat it, I felt so frustrated, because it smelled so good but I was unable to eat it! Aaaaah! And so, the recipe of kladdkaka sounded perfect: It is delicious, only uses ingredients that I have at home and looks very quick to make. And this is what it was.

It looks very small, I know. But every small bite tastes so intense.

I closely stuck to this recipe, which sounded the most original to me, especially since it’s on some blog about Sweden. XD

I admit that my cake actually turned out a little too thin for some reason. It’s supposed to be about 2cm, but it barely touched 1.5cm when I finished it, aaah! But, it turned out that the creamy, slightly sticky consistency in the middle as well as the crispy outside was exactly like I have imagined it. Perhaps it really is like brownies in its taste and consistency, but the 2:1 sugar/flour proportion makes it much more hardcore. I love it.

Making this cake actually makes me want to make brownies as well. But first of all, Christmas is approaching, and so, it calls for Christmas-y cakes. So, perhaps I should try making lussekater. XD

Next week’s sunday lunch has already been reserved

…but as always, I will not spill out what it’s going to be, hoho. (This is mainly due to the fact that I’m still not sure what to do in detail though. *cough*) Instead, here I present my newest creation, a tagliatelle pizza!

This pizza was inspired by this ramen pizza on Serious Eats, one of the many food blogs I am reading currently. I am still on the search for more good food blogs, by the way! Although Serious Eats is dreadfully america-centered (I am not interested in restaurant reviews for San Francisco or Thanksgiving meal tips, really), I have bookmarked quite a few ideas that were quite inspiring. While ramen sounds intriguing for pizza, I was mainly hoping to kill the horribly large pile of tagliatelle and spaghetti we have at home, as well as using some of the tomato sauce that my parents bought solely for my cooking purposes, as they realized that nearly everything I make includes tomato sauce (d’oh!). And so, my version differs greatly from the ramen pizza:

It really looks like a pizza, doesn’t it?

The ingredients are entirely different too of course. This noodle pizza includes:

  • Tomatoes and tomato sauce
  • Mozzarella
  • Yellow and green peppers
  • Champignons
  • Pieces of pre-cut smoked ham

One delishush piece!

Oh, by the way, it seems the idea of noodle pizza is not entirely new in the hemisphere that eats more italian than chinese-type noodles: On the german website that I tend to always look out for recipes for, I have found quite a few recipes for noodle pizza which all include cooking the noodles and mix them with beaten eggs before putting them onto the baking plate. (One of those recipes proposed cream instead of eggs.) So, I have decided to do so as well!
Ultimately the majority of the slices actually looked and tasted more like normal noodles with noodle sauce, but especially the corners were crispy and felt a lot like lasagna. It was quite a success! Next time I will make sure to put in more tomatoes (I only had 2) to give it more of my typical tomato-ish taste :3