It must have been ages since I have had a brownie

Of course these are no brownies, but in many ways, I find them similar. While talking to Matte about swedish sweets, he brought up kladdkaka. Since I have baked something yesterday that needs 4 weeks of rest before you can eat it, I felt so frustrated, because it smelled so good but I was unable to eat it! Aaaaah! And so, the recipe of kladdkaka sounded perfect: It is delicious, only uses ingredients that I have at home and looks very quick to make. And this is what it was.

It looks very small, I know. But every small bite tastes so intense.

I closely stuck to this recipe, which sounded the most original to me, especially since it’s on some blog about Sweden. XD

I admit that my cake actually turned out a little too thin for some reason. It’s supposed to be about 2cm, but it barely touched 1.5cm when I finished it, aaah! But, it turned out that the creamy, slightly sticky consistency in the middle as well as the crispy outside was exactly like I have imagined it. Perhaps it really is like brownies in its taste and consistency, but the 2:1 sugar/flour proportion makes it much more hardcore. I love it.

Making this cake actually makes me want to make brownies as well. But first of all, Christmas is approaching, and so, it calls for Christmas-y cakes. So, perhaps I should try making lussekater. XD

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  1. 1 Pixelmatsch

    Its thick richness is unparalleled by any cake humankind has ever made. The taste is really ridiculously intense, me likes! *_____________*

  2. 2 Matte

    Mmmm, that looks just perfect! I think the thickness looks good too, I prefer them to be a bit thin so you don’t overdose on all that sugar. XD

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