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The grand Christmas/New Year posting

First of all, I am a fool. Here’s a list of the things I made over Christmas and New Year:

The problem is: I have forgotten to take pictures of some of them, aaaah! And so, here is a commentary on all of them in one post.

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My first christmas cookies this year

This weekend, I was in Bamberg to visit a friend and brought some cookies for her. I still feel like this was a really, really bad idea, because the cookies her family made were so incredibly much better than mine, aaaah! Nevertheless, I will be showing them here :3

At least they turned out how they are supposed to look like. :3

When I saw the recipes for these “cocoa snowflakes”, I immediately fell in love with their looks. Somehow, these white cookies with the black cracks in the middle look so delicious and lovely, I had to make them. Also, I had no suitable gift for my friend’s family, and so I made three baking trays full of these cookies:

The first baking tray turned out way too hard, the second a little bit too soft, and the third one… too hard again. Oh, I think I blame the recipe, haha. Also, I am surprised how the taste of nuts actually completely disappeared within the chocolate. I have put a lot of nuts into it (just as much as flour, in fact), but you can’t really taste it that much. Compared to that, the taste of orange was extremely strong, but this is actually a good thing, heh.

But, I am determined to bake these cookies again and make them better.