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Our family Chinese New Year dish

First of all, happy new year! It’s a little unfortunate how I was unable to find time to make something myself, but then, unexpectedly, I spent an evening with my parents forming and deep-frying these incredibly delicious sweets.

Which version I like the most? I cannot decide.

There is not much to say about them, except that we have made two different types: The ones on the right were made with just water in the dough and the ones on the left (they are a little puffier) with milk or oil, I forgot. Although it’s not so easily visible on the picture, the watery ones are much crispier while the ones with oil are somewhat sweeter and, well, easier to chew. Haha. The general consensus among my parents is that the chewy version is better – it doesn’t surprise me, they are more ‘luxurious’. Back in the day, they said that oil was rare and so all the oil was used upon the deep-frying process. (The rarity of something like oil was also the reason why this is a once-in-a-year New Year dish.) And so, obviously the less healthy version with more oil would be more popular.

After writing this blog post, I could not help but eat some more.

I remember from my childhood that the Germans have sweets that look very similar to these (there also is this slit in the middle and you have to fold them through like that). I suspect that it’s a East German/Polish dish. But from what I remember, they are mostly baked and not deep-fried? I also forgot the name. XD