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I claim this to be my current all-time favorite now

For the longest time, I have loved strawberries and whenever I had something with rhubarb in it, I have loved it. Thus, this cake was highly anticipated, and it turned out just like I wanted. It absolutely has the taste I am striving for, and the pie crust turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be. (Then again, pie crust is the easiest to do of all cakes after all.)

It took me quite awhile to find my perfect recipe, and then I realized that there was a recipe on Simple Recipes, a marvelous site that focuses on simple but delicious food. This pie sounded the most delicious of all of them, and I was not wrong. In most of the times, the most simple cake is the very best.

Making this cake was a little bit of a mess though. I feared that the whole thing would not solidify enough and so I put a lot of starch in it. Later, I even mixed in some more flour, and another load of starch. Well, perhaps I have overdone it a little, but the filling came out great like that!

Red fruits are the best

Another shock was how I had no sugar anymore. All in all, the cake perhaps had about 20g of normal white sugar in it, and while making the pie, I have put in all kinds of sugar we had available. Brown sugar, powdered sugar, this sugar you use to make marmelade with… In the end, I lost overview of how much sugar I have put in, and the cake came out a little too sweet, ahahahaha.

Personally, I like the cake the most when it’s hot and the filling is running a little, but it’s delicious even when it comes right out of the fridge.  This is my new favorite indeed and I am considering making the cobbler afterwards.

The most interesting ingredients make the best cakes

When I got my baking book about 6 years ago, I have been eyeing this cake, but always feared that it would turn out hard, because carrots usually are rather hard vegetables. However, I completely underestimated how long this cake would be in the oven, and how small the pieces of carrots actually are. In conclusion, this turned out to be one of the fluffiest cake I’ve ever had!

Can you see carrots in them? I don’t

Normally you would grate carrots into small pieces, but I didn’t have my grater available, and so I had to cut them with a knife! *cries* Now, I have amazingly learned how to julienne carrots, but it was not exactly a pleasant experience. Finally, the pieces I had were still about 3x3mm large in average, ugh.

I have read on the internet that it is the almonds that gives the cake its fluffy consistency. I believe that quite well, but taste-wise I actually think that carrots and almonds don’t go that well together. Or is it because I dislike almonds? (I usually don’t.) All in all, I am considering making the cake differently next time, although I really don’t want to forfeit this beautiful fluffiness that makes the cake so immensely good when it’s warm.