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And now for something colorful

I love ratatouille to death. In fact, whenever I am at the cafeteria and they serve ratatouille, I would take it. It happened once that they did something utterly wrong with it, but usually ratatouille is the best at the canteen. It costs 40 cents or something so that the whole meal with rice would come to a total of 80 cents. It would be vegetarian, but delicious and healthy at the same time! I was sure it would be even more delicious and healthier when you make it yourself.

Does this look like something I spent 2 hours on?

Now, it was time to make it myself. I meticulously followed the recipe of Just Hungry but I honestly regret having done so. The problem is that I wasn’t quite good at getting rid of the liquid. It’s one of the things I suck at doing, because most of the dishes I have made up until today were all about keeping the liquid, and the simply thought of wringing out the liquid of vegetables into kitchen paper makes me feel wasteful. Ultimately, the ratatouille came out much more delicious than I imagined, but spending two hours on it is a little exaggerated for a dish that was supposed to be simple in my opinion. I do agree that the tastes of the vegetables in ratatouille should not mix too much prior serving, but I don’t quite see the point in baking everything for such a long time. If I happen to make it again, I would sautée everything, make a sauce and then put everything together. That’s it. :3

Finally, ratatouille reminds me of another thing I absolutely wanted to make this summer: gazpacho. It’s too bad we don’t own any of those mixer things that you can use to make vegetables into juice…

Ultimately, I prefer eggnog over advocaat

And since nobody in the family seems to want to drink the advocaat we have at home, I quickly made a cake out of it. It’s one of those really simple cakes that you don’t need much time for – just a lot of expertise (which I lack). In the end, the cake came out good, but not super perfect, and it was delicious although the taste was a little bland; I should have poured more advocaat in it, but about 150ml was all we had left.

Gugelhupf forms are the best :3

What’s more important was that the cake broke at some point, and the liquid insides ran out of the cake and dripped onto the baking plate. Aaaahhh! However, it turned out to be a lucky thing: First of all, our baking plate seems to be in good shape as it was super easy to take off the ‘cake’ from the plate; and second, it turned out to be quite delicious. Furthermore, see the funny shapes of the result:

A woman lying on the beach.

A “I forgot the name of these”-bird

A random, cryptic script, possibly some Maya-like culture

Ultimately it’s not a cake I would necessarily make again, but I did like it and it turned out to be a good way to use some leftover advocaat.

Noodlesoup is the ultimate comfort food

The only drawback is that it makes you want to go to sleep afterwards. While spaghetti with tomato sauce wakes me up and gives me new energy, noodlesoup in the Asian style always makes me want to go to sleep. But when taking an afternoon nap is what I want, noodlesoup is absolutely perfect.

I am still very bad a poaching eggs, but I love them! (Especially when they are a little runny.)

Here’s my “I just have to make something randomly and don’t have many ingredients at home” version: Thin westen spaghetti, Chinese cabbage, a poached egg and… Chinese miso in the soup! Honestly I can’t remember many other ingredients I put in, except for the standard soy sauce maybe, but it tasted surprisingly much like ramen you get in Japanese restaurants! All without any dashi! Okay, actually you could taste the difference (obviously), but the soothing and healing effect of noodlesoup has fully been achieved by this.