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Sweden should make Kanelbullens Dag a national holiday.

It’s been a long time since I made anything yeast-like, and since I am still planning on making my focaccia, it was probably a good idea to try out American dry yeast to see how simpler pieces turn out.

Apparently kanelbulle are supposed to be really easy to make, just like about every Swedish sweet it seems. As an avid reader of Fiket, I have also made other things like Kladdkaka (blogged here), but I have yet to try the lussekater.

There are too many of them, so I will bring about half of them to class tomorrow. I really hope the yeast buns will hold that long.

In the real world, he dough was horribly sticky and personally I think the recipe doesn’t call for enough sugar (or is it me who is used to these incredible sweet pastries that they sell over here in the bakeries?) All in all, I think I should have made the according to my own feelings (more sugar, more yeast and more flour) but it turned out delicious. Cinnamon buns are so much better self made.

I have these cravings sometimes

My current ones include focaccia and Wiener Schnitzel, by the way. So lately I have been having a craving for pound cake and since I am usually lazy with conversions, I thought it’d be a good idea to stick with an American recipe.

What hell I went through until I finally ate a bite of the cake! The recipe I chose called for a whole bunch of flour, milk and baking soda, but no cornstarch… it’s so different from what I’m used to when it comes to pound cake! (You know, how a pound cake really is all about having a pound of everything?)

Pound cakes are my favorites, and I like them “the traditional way” but tweaked (like I said, cornstarch). Even the smitten kitchen girl talks about them, and I agree with her.Pound cakes have to be somewhat dry and very simple, any alteration would actually make it something different: a sponge cake, a castella or, in this case, a pound cake in name only.

A nice person lent me her cake pan – and luckily you can’t see that there’s supposed to be hearts on the top of the cake.

But, the miracle happened and the cake actually turned out amazingly delicious, lasting for over 3 days without lacking much of its taste. I would totally make this cake again if my desire for pound cake wasn’t already satisfied. 😉 There are millions of things out there that I want to make after all – Laugenbretzeln anyone? (I found the Weißwürste at the farmers market, by the way! Now it’s time to get some sweet mustard…)