Pasta is so photogenic

In fact, I have made banana pancakes and crêpes lately, but since they are sort of boring, I ended up having two postings of pasta one after another. But, pasta is the best! My relatively large amount of cauliflowers and broccoli needed to be made into something, and then I also bought arugula… So what better can you do than combining them? This pasta is not a sauce unlike my last pasta and includes real tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. Since the taste of cauliflower and arugula is relatively soft, I decided against putting in any onions or red bell peppers (that’s for next time when I’ll be making an arrabiata!), so the only addition to this is shredded parmesan on top and garlic (which is doing wonders to this dish).

The vegetables are even nicer with non-long noodles. 

Today, I was actually worried about not having enough food in the fridge to last till Thanksgiving. How wrong I was. I still have parsnips, eggplants, tomatoes, red bell peppers, onions, haricots verts, mushrooms, bok choy and a cabbage. That makes something like 8 meals, and since I will be eating out some too, it’ll easily last till next Wednesday. Oh, and pears.

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