I love Mad Men

There are tons of Mad Men type dinner meal propositions on the internet, for example for the new start of the season. Instead of birthdays and name days and christenings of children that people don’t get anymore these days, we invent new means to have a celebration because we are neither interested in religious holidays nor those involving not-truly-memorable historical days of the killing of people. In some sense, Mad Men figures as an ersatz religion. All these meals include some sort of 60s style food, but one dish is always, always present. Certainly it is the meatloaf Betty is making several times during the show.

Call me Betty Draper… uh…Francis?

Nowadays I like using Punchfork to find recipes I like because it’s so hip and 2.0. Also it regularly links to blogs like Simply Recipes which I like. I am not sooo big of a fan of Smitten Kitchen somehow, and I don’t even remember which recipe it was that I disliked. But there was one. I didn’t like Paula Deen’s as much and wanted to avoid all versions including bacon. It had to be a meatloaf with a barbecue-like glaze. In the end, it was a meatloaf with 2/3 ground beef and 1/3 ground pork, based on Alton Brown’s (whose glaze I followed to the T) and Simply Recipe’s, both of which are rather similar. But the best and most scrumptious recipe seemed to be the one on Epicurious, and the spices I used for the meatloaf were inspired by this.

Some veggies are necessary!

I think the result was quite delicious and I’d make meatloaf again any day. It’s a convenient type of food, very juicy and not too dense, and it fills you up beautifully without making you feel lethargic. Just perfect for a family dinner.

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