Freedom in a glass of cake

I have seen this posting about 3 years ago when it just came out, and absolutely loved the look of the section-type flag cake. Without having any patriotic feelings whatsoever (certainly not for another country, after all), I have always wanted to make this cake. It’s just… if a cake is just food coloring, it seems less interesting and appealing to me.

But the idea of making a flag cake stayed with me for years, and so finally, this year, I decided to give it a try. I don’t make cakes of this type very often – my staple are crumbles, pies, pound cakes and so on, the comparably more healthy type of cake. I rarely make cakes with lots of eggs, or lots of… anything. Most of all, I am worried that such a cake would turn out not moist enough, although for some reason I have improved over the last years. I do not recall the last time I made a cake where I got the impression that it turned out too dry, and that gives me hope.

I was delighted to see that the cake fit into my small cake glass.

I used this recipe, which got rave reviews on the internet. They were all right! The cake was moist and downright wonderful. But the pictures on the post are not all that promising, because I wanted a cake with the flat shape of the original cake. My prayers were answered. For some reason my cake turned out moist and lovely, but without poofing up unpleasantly in the middle.

The big drawback of getting a flat cake was the fact that it ended up being way too small, ahahaha. In the end, I cut the pieces of cakes in half and assembled a ‘half cake’, as evidenced by the last picture.

Aren’t these layers wonderful?

Due to lack of white chocolate (and generally the fact that chocolate is expensive), I went for a butter + confectioner’s sugar + milk frosting. For some reason I find myself incapable of following other people’s frosting recipes. What I do is to pour the base wet ingredients together and then add sugar and milk until I got the amount of frosting I wanted with the right consistency. In fact, I don’t even know what the right consistency is – I just make it thin enough so that it’s easy to apply the frosting, but for some reason I still find it hard to make frosting look good.

I am a complete newbie at frosting.

On a completely unrelated side note, I have recently discovered ponzu. It tastes delicious! (And it has a cute name… if I remember correctly, there is an irrelevant character in Hunter x Hunter by that name.) I think there should be more to it than soy sauce and something lemon-y because it tastes fairly acid. Ohhh this makes me want to make dumplings and put them inside!

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