Halloween is also about making pumpkin items

Can you believe that this pumpkin pie and the one below come from exactly the same recipe? There are various reasons for that. The pumpkin puree I got in Germany back then was very sour, very orange and ultimately very strange. Also, I think that brown sugar comes in many different colors, where this pie’s brown sugar is strangely darker.

It’s a dark pie.

I also was not able to get ground hazelnuts from the store, so without the extra hazelnut layer, the pie was essentially a very old-fashioned pumpkin pie. It has only one layer of creamy pumpkin-ness and as it is so for most pumpkin pies, it’s very soft and almost spent an hour in the oven to set. Personally that is exactly the way I like pumpkin pie, although the hazelnut layer would have provided some additional sweetness which I found a little lacking this pie. Well, in theory you are supposed to eat them with whipped cream after all! (But I am too lazy to whip cream, especially considering how unhealthy it is.)

Nevertheless, after less than 24 hours, only a bit more than half of the pie is left!

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