My favorite aspect of Halloween

Pumpkin carving! Ever since I did it at a friend’s house for the first time (this one), every year I have been looking forward to pumpkin carving. It is perhaps the only thing about Halloween that I like.

This year, I proudly present Misha and Rodion!

I originally thought we would get some design off the internet, but when it was decided that we’ll try to carve them, I was worried about the design. I hope we were able to capture Misha’s fluffiness and Rodion’s quintessential stripes. Apart from that, these were actually relatively easy to carve, which is the way I prefer them – cute and simple!

The pumpkins we bought from Trader Joe’s actually had a huge amount of seeds in them. Did you ever know that baked pumpkin seeds are disturbingly addicting? I couldn’t stop eating them as soon as I had one in my mouth…

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