Baking for the occasion is my favorite thing

In fact, a good part of this blog’s postings probably comes from baking for some event, like going to someone’s house or – much more often – because it’s some special day. St. Martin’s Day is apparently only really a big thing in specific regions in Germany, so I have never really known much about its traditions. All I knew was that they have parades on the day, and that it is Pochi’s name day! 😀 This year, I stumbled upon a posting on where they talk about food traditions on St. Martin’s Day (apparently a goose is being prepared), and I decided to make one of these Weckmann. They are also called Stutenkerle but I really don’t like that name as much.

Speaking of Aiya!, I have now received two books I recently bought, the Just Bento Cookbook and the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook. The former probably needs no introduction since it’s basically the Just Bento website in book form, the latter is going to be my introduction to sewing for total beginners. The book doesn’t have a lot of content, but so far it will be just enough for me, I believe. Everything else is in my other sewing book (huge encyclopedia-style thing) as well as on the internet.

But I digress. Most of all, Aiya! is a food blog right now, so onto the goodies. Yeast dough seems to be way more popular in Europe than it is anywhere else. Most of all, I think this is because yeast is perceived as an unpleasant taste on this side of the continent. It seems to me that yeast is super popular in sweets in Asia as well as in Europe because kids grow up with the taste of yeast. It is in our bread and all kinds of other daily dishes – Dampfnudeln, Hefebrezeln, steamed buns either with meat or sweet fillings etc. etc. But in the US, most of these yeast items have not survived for reasons I don’t quite understand. Even pizza typically doesn’t taste very yeasty here.

There are alternatives to yeast (quark and oil), but for me, if I want to make something traditional, it just has to be made the traditional way. The horror! I am terribly afraid of yeast doughs because I don’t use yeast very often. Considering how well these Weckmänner have turned out, perhaps this is a good first step to making more yeast things! They got rather crispy and brown on the outside, but the very inside was warm and fluffy, thank goodness.

They are holding hands.

Would I make these again? Heck yes. They are somewhere between cake and bread – you can eat them as one item out of a meal, as breakfast or as a snack, which makes them so much more versatile than your usual sweet baked good. Of course it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but certainly they feel comforty.

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