The recipe would not feed 6 people

Today’s food post needs almost no explanation. The truth is that the recipe I found is virtually perfect. I followed it to the T, including the half an hour waiting time for the batter. Having only 4 eggs available, I recalculated all the ingredients to 2/3 of the original, and there are only very minor things one could improve: I used a small frying pan to make these (which was a very good idea, flipping is much easier!) and had to make 5 pancakes. Since the last pancake lost some of the original fluffiness, ideally I should have split the batter in two bowls before adding egg whites and raisins, but oh that is too much of a hassle.

Actually a tiny portion because I ate so many while cooking.

Amongst all pancakes, my favorites are super thin crepes, super thick pancakes and, even more than those, Kaiserschmarrn. The huge amount of eggs makes the pancakes almost as fluffy as pancakes which necessitate baking powder to puff up, and raisins are amongst my favorite things in the world. Most definitely I will want to make these again, even though they are a little more involving than pancakes and crepes.

I think I have learned to cook them to perfection now.

Concerning the title – the recipe says that this amount would feed 4-6 people. 4 sounds just perfect, and certainly there is not enough for 6.

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