Happy Thanksgiving!

These days, I feel like we are jumping from holiday to holiday. Starting with my birthday, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving and soon, my favorite of all, Weihnukkah! (That is what I call the combined holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah, as seen on this lovely illustration for the Jewish Museum Berlin.)

Thanksgiving will probably be the greatest feast of all of these, for which we decided to make a big meal entirely from scratch. Apart from the lack of guests, this is definitely the most traditional Thanksgiving we have ever had. None of the ingredients is pre-bought and or coming from a fabricated mix, and unsurprisingly we spent 2 days practically entirely in the kitchen. I could and want to write a million things about what we made, what issues I ran into and so on, but I should rather picture-spam you instead.

Herb butter for the turkey.

So much butter for a turkey!

Braised leek with lemon sauce

This recipe is surprisingly pointless, but the combination of leek and lemon sauce is awesome.

Beer and cheddar battered shrimp

We finished about half of them before this photo was produced… they are just so tempting.

Sweet potato and sausage stuffing

Stuffing is so stuffing!

Green bean mushroom casserole

I had no idea that this is a traditional dish. We dressed it up by using shiitake mushrooms, and I love it that way.


Biscuits are about my favorite thing in the world. It is especially good either with cranberry sauce or with gravy.

Cranberry sauce

It may take a little while to make (but only a little!), but the end result is so much better than anything in the stores.


We got a super nice turkey, which ended up making a super nice gravy too.

Chocolate hazelnut tart

The danger of making things one day before is the impossibility to resist eating it beforehand…

Classic pecan pie

Pecan pie is the quintessential American pie for me (after all, apple pies exist everywhere). It’s lazy, easy and delicious. Though I went through the trouble to do make a vodka pie crust.

Overall, including turkey

I did my best to arrange the whole thing in a pretty way for serving, but honestly, Thanksgiving food is not exactly made for the eye. It’s for the stomach!

A plate with a piece of everything

It’s really hard to get just a small piece of everything… also note that I grabbed my favorite piece of any poultry – the wing! Hahaha.

Ah, Thanksgiving. What are you grateful for? To me, I recently feel like there are a million things. After giving myself a little break from a fairly unpleasant situation, I have this sudden feeling that the world is very beautiful and that I am glad and – well – grateful about their existence in the world. My latest favorite sob story from the interwebs strangely expresses this feeling quite well (so it’s fiction but honestly who cares). Also, if you are reading this, I am grateful for you too. ^^

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