Christmas time is Plätzchen time

I have recently purchased the Gourmet Cookie Cookbook on a whim, as it was on sale. Unlike what people say on Amazon, I find the cookies absolutely delicious looking and loved the historic aspect of it. Considering that Gourmet magazine died, the cookbook will always stay up to date, which is a bonus in my book. It already is a little piece of history. I am in the process of making a list of recipes I want to make from the book, and I already know that it will be quite a lot. I cannot wait!

In the transparent cookie box these cookies look like a million eyes.

The one recipe which inspired me to buy the book in the first place is precisely these little trios. I have always loved cookies with jam, and these come in such stylish presentation. Taste-wise they were almost what I expected. The dough itself is extremely buttery, making this the perfect butter cookie not unlike the ones you can buy in stores – except they are so much more delicious and hold their texture so much better. After 3-4 days, they still taste wonderful and the texture is almost unadultered. It took quite a bit of time to make them, but it’s so worth the result which is pleasing to both the eye and the tongue.

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