Happy Hanukkah!

For the longest time, I have not really been as smitten with the smitten kitchen blog as most people seemed to be. I think I made a few things based on her recipes, and they didn’t turn out that well. But, for some reason those recipes always sound so immensely good, hence I am giving it another go. I have been inspired to make some Jewish dish to celebrate Hanukkah, and what is better than a cake?

I actually have a proper cake stand now. Next time!

The original inspiration actually came from this article and the fact that I had 2 Granny Smith apples in the fridge. I have been wanting to make something with them for awhile, and now finally found a good opportunity to. All in all, I used the smitten kitchen recipe except I used a variety of apples (Granny Smith, Gala and something else) and heavily decreased the amount of sugar. 2 cups sugar for a cake with 2 3/4 cups flour? Are you kidding me? I think I put in just a little bit over 1 cup.

OK I should have had my coffee black. But café au lait goes better with the cute mug!

I also have a tendency to cut apples very economically, or so it seems. Whenever I make something with apples and stick to the amount given in the recipe, I end up with way more apples than needed. So I ended up using 5 apples instead of 6 (having eaten apples on the go while cutting them). All in all though, the cake came out perfectly. It is really just as moist as they all say, and it goes absolutely perfectly with a cup of black coffee. This recipe IS a keeper.

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