More Christmas cookies

So, amongst the big three Christmas items – the gingerbread house, the buche de Noel and the stollen, I have yet to decide which one I want to make this year. I have made stollen before and you should make gingerbread months in advance, so this year the most viable thing to do appears to be a buche de Noel. But oh wow how complicated can it get? I am shocked to say the least. At the same time, after gotten so into cookies with the Gourmet cookie book, I have now stumbled upon this article. Dangerous!

I know they are not very shapely, but there is a taste-looks-tradeoff here!

This year, I asked Shii for recipes and this is the result: 43 Vanillekipferl (even though I halved the original recipe) and 9 macaroons. The Vanillekipferl recipes call for egg yolks, so I decided to make some coconut macaroons with the egg whites. All in all, everything came out quite well. I mostly eyeballed the macaroons and they came out a little overly sweet (I didn’t realize I used sweetened coconut flakes), and the Vanillekipferl turned out so much better than the ones I made years ago. I think the reason is that this time I made them in the food processor and with vanilla extract, creating a nice and crumbly cookie with a strong vanilla flavor. Excuse me while I get another one of these cookies…

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