I will try to make them cuter next time

When compared with the user examples linked from the recipe, arguably mine are amongst the worst looking. I made them in the same loaf form as I always make my banana bread (which never got a blog posting even though I have made it a million times by now), and I chose to be rather soft. The result is a perfectly brioche-like airy, fluffy and not overly sweet bread. (It only contains about a tablespoon of sugar for 300g flour after all.) The subtle taste of matcha and chocolate do really well for this bread. In terms of taste and consistency, I would say that my version turned out really well.

It didn’t actually take that long to make these.

Unfortunately all these nice qualities make it harder for the bread to be formed – and to keep its shape. The matcha part of the bread was rising a bit too much, squishing the white parts down… As a result, we have a somewhat squishy Panda face. Sad! For the great taste, however, I would totally make this bread again.

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