I want a room for food photography

Unfortunately, the house we live in has terrible lighting conditions. Basically, there is just not enough sunlight coming in. This is not really a problem as long as there is one room which has sunlight sometimes during the day, but it is certainly never the kitchen. As a result, most food photos are taken under subpar lighting conditions and therefore never really look that great. We should do something about that.

It took less than 24 hours for all of these to be gone.

Lemon squares – well what can be said about them besides the fact that I absolutely love them? They are amongst my favorite pastries besides cheesecake and anything with strawberries. What’s more, you can make them (mostly) with artificial sugar! The recipe is very simple and in fact I chose it partially for this reason. The recipe on Smitten Kitchen calls for double as much butter (terrifying!) and David Lebovitz’ recipe uses an entire lemon and the food processor which I did not want to bother with. One day I want to try those other recipes too, but my gut feeling tells me already that simplicity is just as good. We will see.

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