Things I never blog about…

…because they don’t really look that nice, or because they disappear so quickly. Banana bread or pound cake are the kind of things that don’t look so great, and scones are the kind of things that typically disappear before I could take a picture. Both banana bread are just so delicious and comparably healthy – they are the kind of thing I can whip up quickly and enjoy as a pre-breakfast snack. (Pre-breakfast takes place sometimes between 5am and 7am, whereas breakfast is more like… 10am.)

As a matter of fact, these are the last two of the batch.

When my parents came over, they gave me a scone pan (technically it was not a scone pan but I am using it as such) so I knew I absolutely had to make some. Later on, there were some organic blueberries on sale… coincidence? Ever since I tasted one of Starbucks’ blueberry scones for the first time, I had been in love with scones. The recipe is pretty much the same, and one can easily substitute whatever scone type we are talking about with blueberries, e.g. by kicking out the vanilla and the glaze in this recipe, or replacing the chocolate chips in this recipe (in fact, chocolate chip scones are amazing too!), or ditching the streusel in this recipe. Even though I really like picking scones when I need a snack from Starbucks, luckily handmade ones are just as good.

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