Birthday cakes must be elaborate

I have to admit that I had no idea this cake would take that long though. There are a few French cakes out there (namely Opera Cake and Buche de Noel) which I decided I do not want to make because of the unreasonable effort put into it. When I had to confront the question of what to make as a birthday cake, I remembered how I had a mille crepe cake in Japan. While the cake was pretty, it was clearly mass-produced stuff taken from the freezer with a rather bland taste. Nevertheless, I love the concept and decided to make one.

The caramelized top is awesome.

Upon reading several articles using this New York Times recipe, I decided to stick to it and make a very ‘simple’ version. Since this is basically crepes and cream, there are million ways of dressing it up – strawberries on top, chocolate hazelnut cream instead of buttercream, bananas and chocolate, blueberries and maple syrup… But I wanted to know what the pure taste of butter and heavy cream can do for you.

Apparently the cake is great with Nutella!

In the end, the cake turned out absolutely perfect! It turned into a tall cake with a nicely flat surface and the slight unevenness of the crepe border makes it look like ruffles. Taste-wise the cake is surprisingly better than the sum of its parts. I thought the crepe itself was too heavy and sweet, while the buttercream (prior to adding heavy cream) tasted like mere pudding. As a combination, however, the whole thing attains a subtle exquisiteness I can hardly describe. It turns out crepes go amazingly well with cream! Even though I am tempted to make a chocolate version of this cake one day, I strongly doubt that it will happen anytime soon. It is, after all, something like a 5 hour endeavor.

22 layers for a 22 year birthday.

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