Happy Valentine’s Day!

These last days were so filled with exciting dates – a birthday, Chinese New Year and, of course, the celebratory date we love to hate, Valentine’s Day. All I knew was that I wanted to try making a cake with the rice cooker to see how it works, and it had to be a chocolate/strawberry combination. After all, the stores are filled with strawberries dipped in chocolate so the combination might just as well be the most Valentine-y thing ever.

Why are strawberries associated with Valentine’s Day anyways? What about raspberries or cherries?

I chose to make a chocolate ganache as outer crust (such that the cake looks like a chocolate cake after all), and a buttercream with strawberry pieces in the middle. Even though I tried to use our cupcake book for the buttercream, I ultimately eyeballed the ingredients (butter, confectioner’s sugar and light cream) and whipped it until it had a spreadable consistency. Buttercream is so delicious and works well with a cake which only has 2 tablespoons of butter to begin with.

Note to self: Cocoa is kind of grey.

The rice cooker cake actually came out… acceptably. I put in more sugar than the recipe called for (since that one was designed to be frosted with whipped cream) but it was still not particularly sweet. It’s a spongy but dense cake, just as expected, and it looks like pretty much every other rice cooker sponge cake out there. The texture is feels very Asian and soft. While the cake itself is small and does not have much butter or any other fat, it definitely calls for fruit or chocolate or whipped cream toppings.
Considering that we only have a small rice cooker, the shape also came out to be rather – uh – round. Everybody said it looks like a super-sized macaron! XD Also, while I do want to try making cheesecake in the rice cooker, I think rice cookers are ultimately best used for cooking rice. It’s an expensive delicate appliance we have there!

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    That is indeed one giant macaron!

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