I didn’t think I was ever going to do that…

Ever since we made the New York Times chocolate chip cookies, we are convinced that there must be a reason why some of their recipes become huge fads all over the internet. This bread is one of them, and again, it did not disappoint. In all honesty I am still looking for the perfect baguette or the perfect everyday bread, but this bread achieved something I never would have expected: the perfect artisanal bread. It’s at least as good as the bread you get in restarauts before your meal and goes perfectly with olive oil. In fact, I could barely stop myself from eating the entire loaf at once (that is 1 1/2 pounds of bread, mind you!)

The bread tastes just as hipster as the picture suggests.

Somehow the bread ended up baking very fast, and it may have been a good idea to stick to a lower oven temperature or simply take out the bread earlier. However, everything else seems to have turned out perfect; the dough seemed to have the perfect consistency and the crust was exactly like I expected. The bottom just got a little too burnt but the top is beyond great. I wonder if I am ever going to go for another recipe, but at least the incredible easiness of making this bread inspired me.

I must go through iterations of all spreads – butter, nutella, jams etc. to see if there is anything which rivals olive oil.

With that said, I am getting more and more convinced of the Smitten Kitchen blog, making it at least to the top 5 recipe resources (along with chefkoch.de, Simply Recipes, Just Hungry and Serious Eats). Her posting on this bread was definitely helpful. I may even buy the book one day. It is the no.1 bestselling cookbook in Amazon though, so that is a little crazy.

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