St. Patrick’s Day aftermath

Okay, actually we didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day, but we went out for brunch and saw tons of green-themed people in the subway. I especially like these green ballerina tutus for little girls, but for the most part, I am shocked at how everything is so uniformly bright green.

It looks exactly the way it should.

Nevertheless, Pip sent me a recipe for oatmeal soda bread, and I figured it would be nice to try out some new bread again. I made it with whole rolled oats and whole wheat flour, so it promises to be very healthy, especially with the neglectable amount of salt and sugar put in.

Two similarly shaped objects.

The bread turned out pretty much like I expected – very fragrant and delicious, but also very dense. From the photos you can see online, my bread is probably exactly the way soda bread should be. It goes best with a huge dollop of jam on it, and perhaps this is also a good time to take out the Nutella, hahaha. Overall, I thought it was a nice bread but not the type I go crazy for (think banana bread). Since the bread only lasts for like a day or two, it’s also not very practical, especially when you make such a huge one like virtually every recipe suggests. I think I will stick to fruit and yeast breads in the future.

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