Without a doubt, my biggest addiction

You may remember that I have recently made lemon squares. This time, we had these organic lemons (exactly 2 of them) which look like they are going to start molding soon. So what do I make? Lemon squares of course. I love lemon bars to the point that I have a hard time making anything else when confronted with lemons, amongst all lemon-y items they are by far my favorite things, and that is despite my incredible love for lemonade. The downside of that is that lemon squares always disappear within 24 hours of their production… how dangerous.

I couldn’t wait till they cooled down before cutting into them, but actually the custard set perfectly.

In comparison to the last lemon bars I have made, I would say that putting in an entire lemon makes the result a little bit too tangy and bitter. (It’s possible that the lemon itself was to blame though – its rind to juice ratio was unusually high.) However, I much prefer this crust made with melted butter. It crumbles more nicely and overall has a better texture. Ah, I want to make more of them already! Next time I will combine David Lebovitz’ crust and the ‘original’ custard from Just Hungry. Perhaps that would be perfect.

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